Monday, March 5, 2018

It Began With a Doughnut

Today is my husband's birthday. He is turning 70! It's hard to believe. We've been together since high school. He was a senior and I was a junior and what we started has lasted a lifetime. Last December, it was 51 years since the day we met!

We often laugh about how we met. It was at a Math Club meeting! He was in charge of refreshments that night and brought doughnuts. For some reason, I turned the doughnut down when he offered one to me. He claims that on the day we met, he knew he wanted to marry me. 

The next day, I was working in the school office during one of my open periods. Who should stop by? Dave, of course, bringing me a doughnut from the night before. I thought, "How sweet is this guy?" and something began that day. 

A curiosity - who was this guy?
A tickle in my heart - was he really interested in me?
A smile.

We've been married for 46 years. There are so many adventures to remember - big and small - over the years. Just maybe, I will write about some of them in March.

For now, we are celebrating his birthday tonight with our children and grandchildren. I look forward to celebrating this guy who thought a doughnut could bring us together. What a genius!


  1. What a sweet story. Life can be so complex, it's gratifying to hear about enduring love through the decades. You are blessed!

  2. Thanks for sharing! How one meets their spouse is always a great story. Isn't it so funny how people connect? Great slice!

  3. What a nice story. You never know where or when you will meet your other half. Congratulations for the many years of marriage.

  4. Wow! This is a GREAT story. Congratulations! This is very romantic...I wonder if any relationships start with a doughnut nowadays--How would that work on

  5. Happy birthday to your sweetheart! It's lovely to hear of marriages that have staying power like yours. His doughnut had some staying power.

  6. Such a sweet story - the big picture is bigger than a simple story with 51 years but just this little slice made me feel hopeful and happy. Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a great story. I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating with your family.