Monday, September 19, 2016

What I am Reading - #IMWAYR

It's Monday What Are You Reading?

I love going to the library each week and heading for the section of new picture books. I find gems every time I go. Here are a few picture books I discovered last week.

Mom, Dad, Our Books, and Me
by Danielle Marcotte

This is a great book to share with young readers and may even spark a good conversation with older readers. The story is about a young boy who loves learning to read. He begins to notice that many people around him also read. What I love about the book is that he even notices that they read other things besides books. (A doctor who reads a thermometer. A tourist reads the time on his watch. The fisherman reads the sky.)

Wanted! Ralfy Rabbit, Book Burglar
by Emily MacKenzie

While this book is not a new title (2015) it jumped off the shelf at me when I saw the cover. A Book Burglar! Of course, I wanted to read this book. This story is about Ralfy Rabbit who loves books so much that he tends to steal them from other readers. Of course, he gets caught but there is a solution to his hunger for books and reading.

Grow! Raise! Catch! How We Get Our Food
by Shelley Rotner

I grew up growing vegetables in our garden and catching fish from the lake. So this book fascinated me because so many children do not have those experiences. This is a wonderful nonfiction book about who the people are that produce the food we eat. The pages are packed with beautiful photographs of farmers, fisherman and the children and families who enjoy the food that comes from our gardens, orchards, fields and lakes. This is a great nonfiction book to add to classroom libraries.