Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Talkworthy = Worthy of Talk

      Slice of Life Challenge
      31 Days of Writing - Day 2

Years ago, I started using the word, talkworthy, to describe those books I shared with children that inspired the most thoughtful conversations and evoked the strongest feelings in my students. After we read a talkworthy book, the conversation blossomed, and we all came away with a deeper understanding of the book as well as each other. Talkworthy books inspired us and connected us.

I recently discovered that the talkworthy can't be found in the dictionary.
(I think I must have made it up!)

Eager to figure out where the word came from, I looked up "worthy", and I found that in a combining form it can be used to mean "deserving of" whatever the initial part of a compound word is (roadworthy, newsworthy, etc.).

So if newsworthy means news that has qualities to be considered important,
and trustworthy is someone who is worthy of our trust,
and seaworthy means the boat is fit or suitable for the sea,
then talkworthy means deserving of talk. 
(I think I really did make up the word talkworthy!)

The Slice of Life Challenge reminds me that we all have talkworthy ideas to share. 
They are the passions, the funny stories, the classrooms experiences we share.
They are families, challenges, celebrations and ideas worth growing.
They are words that brighten our day. They are words that matter. 
They are talkworthy.