Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Whispers of Spring - Slice of Life

Slice of Life Challenge
31 Days of Writing - Day 1

I hear whispers of spring.

In the unusual warm breezes that have come in this month of March
when things are supposed to be still buried in the frozen snow.

In the squeals of my grand kids at the thought of going out to play in the yard
without the layers upon layers of clothing to keep them warm.
In the tiny leaves pushing through the mulch in my garden
dotting the ground with splashes of green.

In the birds chirping
while I wake to the quiet of the morning.

In the rain that taps the window
and splashes in puddles that collect in my driveway.

Do I hear spring in the voices of our children?

In the sound of "Look, I can read this".
In the excited voices that echo what they have learned.
In the quiet steps they take toward independence.
In the leaps they have taken as learners.

Yes, I think I can.

I have been waiting patiently
for spring to whisper its first sounds.