Sunday, July 31, 2016

Summer of Learning - Part Three


Forms and Formats of 
Self-Directed Learning

It has been a busy summer so far, and I am feeling so inspired by the last few months of professional development and collaboration with colleagues. I marvel at the variety of formats in which I learned. Years ago, our professional development was a sit-and-get format but when we take an active role in our own learning we find that learning adventures come in many forms.

Scholastic Reading Summit (Covington, Kentucky) 

This is a one day conference sponsored by Scholastic and held in several locations around the United States. I was fortunate to attend the one in Covington, Kentucky which is just a two hour drive from my home.

Here are some of my takeaways from some amazing speakers:

Donalyn Miller:
Ultimately, education is about empowerment.
Our best chance for the world is to send more readers out into the world.
We have the power to change the lives of children through literacy.

Ernest Morrell:  
Becoming a super reader takes courage. You have to take risks. Courage has to be taught and affirmed. 
Kindness promotes resiliency and joy.
Hope is a basic need. Hope is a foundation for perseverance. Seeing a future for yourself.
What we do matters. Don't let anyone take away the pleasure of teaching other's children.
Teaching makes you eternal.

Colby Sharp and Susan Haney:
You should be able to see what we are all about when you enter the building.
Environment is important.
Hire teachers who understand what the school stands for. No one can do it alone.
Build relationships.

Mr. Schu:
Every faculty meeting should start with a book talk.
(He shared so many new books to read with children.)

Kate Messner:
You will have made a reader, and the world will never be the same for that child.
If you don't teach in a diverse community, you need books that do more than reflect your students lives back at them.
Books are sometimes windows and sometimes mirrors. You are not alone.

Watch for information from Scholastic about next summer's Reading Summits. Don't hesitate to register. Get there. You won't be sorry.