Friday, March 23, 2018

Time for Cuddles

I'm babysitting today. I arrived early so I could see everyone before they went off to start their day. My grandson and granddaughter were busy getting ready for school when I arrived. My daughter was getting ready to drop the kids off at school and head over to a doctor appointment. Much business and chatter filled the house.

"Get your shoes on."
"Did you finish your breakfast."
"Do you have your lunch?"
"Change your jacket. It's a little chilly today."
"Put your shoes on."
"Hurry. It's time to go!"

"See my new gym shoes."
"It's our last day of school before spring break!"
"We're going to our other grandma and grandpa's today!"

As my daughter, grandson and granddaughter stepped out the door, a quiet filled the house. I looked around and there was my third grandchild. Sitting near the corner of the couch, he balanced an Ipad on his lap and was playing some game that consumed him.

I rinsed the breakfast dishes, put the cereal boxes back in the cupboard, and made a cup of coffee. Now it was time for him to put the Ipad away and cuddle. Time with my youngest grandson is precious. He's growing so fast. They all are. But the cuddles must go on! Cuddles are the best!