Sunday, March 5, 2017

I Love Hockey - Day 5 #sol17

Each sport has a personality and an unmistakable sound. In high school, I used to help collect tickets at the door of the gym for basketball games. The sound of basketball shoes squeaking on a hardwood floor takes me right back to those days.

My favorite sport is hockey. My team is the Columbus Blue Jackets. I usually tune into the games when they are broadcast on TV. There is nothing better than being at the game but watching on TV is a close second. Throughout the course of the season, I rarely miss a game.


The clack of sticks on the ice.
The cold crisp air.
The bang of bodies against the boards.                              
The spray of ice as skates skid to a stop.
The band of a puck on the goal post.
The whistle from the linesman.
A hard-to-come-by hat trick.
The crowd chanting and cheering.
The cannon blasting in celebration.
Yes, I love hockey!