Friday, August 30, 2013

A Vision for Learning, Teaching and Leading

A school community is not about one leader but many leaders including students, parents, and teachers.  I have strong beliefs about learning, teaching and leading.  Leading in a learning community is about standing up for what we believe in. Leading is helping others find their passions and reach their potential.  What brings everyone together with a common wisdom is VISION.

When we opened our school, it was important that we established a vision statement that represented our shared beliefs and guided us toward becoming the school we wanted to be.  We were filled with hope and passion about our new school.  We wanted to establish a vision that would bring us together and represent our commitment to the journey ahead.

Why should we establish a vision?

A vision gives us direction.  It points us toward our goal.  It's our true north.  It captures what we will stand for and reminds us of where we are going.  Everything we do aligns with our vision.  A vision is a lense we can use to make sure we are holding strong to what our beliefs.  A vision builds a common language, a common wisdom and a shared dedication to our school. 

Visions are crafted with serious thought and carefully chosen words.  To others our vision can simply be a collection of words.  But for those who created the vision and live by it each day, it is strong and full of passion and commitment.  The words have depth and the message is clear.  

Just as the picture of a beautiful lake brings us back to a favorite vacation spot, a vision can be our cue for thoughtful learning, teaching and leading.  It is an affirmation for the hallmarks of our life at school. 

In my next post, I will share how we built the vision that would guide all of us toward the school of our dreams.