Saturday, February 20, 2016

Finding My Voice

It has been nearly two years since I posted on this blog.  The last post was a celebration of the birthday of a dear friend. Then, I stepped away for awhile.

There are so many reasons I could give you for not writing for two years. I was too busy. I was too tired. I didn't think I had anything to say. What I finally realized was that I needed to find my voice. For many years my voice had been the voice of a teacher and administrator. While I loved my years in education, I was somewhat defined by the positions I held and the structure of educational life.

I retired from a principal position in 2013. What I have discovered since then is that retirement gives a person the time for reflection. I did just that. I took my time. I spent time with my husband. I relished being a grandmother. I read. I planted my garden. I enjoyed the freedom of deciding what would fill my days.

I am trying to figure out why it took me so long but I think I just needed the time. To slow down.  To find me. I am thinking that I had to drift away before I could return with a clear voice. I had to take stock. I had to dig deep to refine my beliefs.  I had to remind myself that the vision I have for children, learning and teaching can be reality. I am seeing it in the blog posts of people I follow. I am seeing it in the tweets that go across my computer screen. I am reading some of the most amazing posts on Facebook. I am hearing it in the voices of children.

So this is a new beginning. This is me - the me that has emerged from the quiet places. Hear my voice.