Sunday, March 25, 2018

Beyond the Confort Zone

Whenever I have been hesitant
   to do something new
   to go somewhere I have never been
   to share my ideas
   to say something that needs to be said,
I was tempted by fear to 
   walk away
   ignore my goals
   to give in to my fears.
I succeeded only when I had the courage to take that small but important step 
    beyond the comfort zone.

I am learning this in the gym.
There's a voice inside that sneaks into my consciousness that says 
   you're too old to to do that
   you'll never be strong enough to do that
   you'll look silly trying out that new machine
   you'll fail if you add that weight.

I am learning to ignore that voice because it overshadows
another voice that comes from somewhere deep inside that says
   you should try
   what do you have to lose
   how great it would feel to be able to do that
   how much better you will feel
   you are strong
   you can do this.

And so today at the gym I
   tried a new machine
   used a heavier weight
   raised the incline on the treadmill
   added 15 minutes to my workout.

I want to reach my goals.
I am trying harder so I will
   feel stronger
   more confident
   eager to stretch and reach
   beyond the comfort zone.