Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mom's Reading

My mom came for a visit last week. It was great to spend five days with her. We only live two hours apart but during the school year it is a challenge to get together. She needed a break from "the same four walls" so she came to our house. We went on some great shopping trips and simply enjoyed each other's company.

On one of our shopping adventures we stopped by Half Price Books. My mom is an avid reader who is always looking for a bargain. She found about 10 books that she wanted to purchase. So I considered it a successful trip to the bookstore.

That evening she started reading... and reading... and reading. I had forgotten what a model she was for me as we were growing up. She has favorite authors and favorite series. She buries herself in the book and can do little else until she reads those last few words.

It was a pleasure to see her unwind, relax with a book, eat meals that someone else cooked for her and smile. What a great week!