Thursday, March 17, 2016

What I Know About Myself as a Reader

Last year my friend, Franki Sibberson, wrote a post for the Scholastic On Our Minds blog about knowing yourself as a reader. (

Franki started her own list of 100 things she knew about herself as a reader and encouraged her students to do the same. I thought I would give it a try for today's Slice. So here's my first 25 things I know about myself as a reader. I hope to keep adding to the list. You should give it a try. I am still learning about myself as a reader.

1. I have never been able to quit a book - even if I am miserable reading it.
2. I am a fairly slow reader. I can't skip whole paragraphs even if they are tedious. I am just not a skimmer.
3. I am recently learned that I like reading stories in verse.
4. I rarely read a nonfiction book - but I do read a lot of nonfiction articles especially online.
5. I am fascinated by new words I find when I read and look them up in the dictionary.
6. I read the jacket flap and back cover to set myself up for reading and go back to them when I am confused.
7. I am not fond of reading e-books. I would much rather have the book in my hand.
8. I keep track of what I read on Good Reads.
9. I rely on the recommendations from friends.
10. I go back and read a page when I get lost and can't figure out what's going on in the story.
11. I want to read more poetry but have trouble choosing what to read.
12. I skip over technical words I don't know. Not a good idea!
13. I like books with short chapters.
14. I enjoy talking with other people about books.
15. I belong to a Brunch and Books group that meets once a month to talk about books.
16. I used to read the last few pages of the book before I would commit to reading it. I don't do that anymore!
17. I love going to the library and book store.
18. I don't like writing about the books I read - I like talking about them better.
19. I take notes to keep track of characters.
20. I always check the Best Seller Book List posted in the local newspaper.
21. I like to check out the staff recommendations at book stores.
22. I need to get better about checking books from the library instead of buying them. Much better!
23. I like to go back and reread my journals and notebooks.
24. I have favorite authors.
25. I read some books more than once (Love in the Time of Cholera, Crossing to Safety, Gone With the Wind).

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Day 17 - What I Know About Myself as a Reader