Saturday, March 3, 2018

Colors from the Earth

A lapidary is an artist who works with stone, minerals and gemstones. For many years, my husband has been working with stones he has collected from places all over the world. He cuts, grinds and polishes them to make unique pieces of jewelry.

Today, we displayed his lapidary work at a craft show in a neighboring town. We got up early, loaded the car, drove to the location, unloaded the car, and set up his display. We spent the day visiting with people who stopped by to explore the beautiful colors from the earth.

We spend many conversations teaching others about the different kinds of stones and where they come from. My husband often explains the process of cutting and polishing to folks who are interested. Every once and a while, a real "rock hound" will come by and a conversation begins about rock collecting.
Some of us are naturally drawn to the wonders of the earth. I collected rocks as a child. My own children (who are now adults) still have their old lunch boxes filled with stones and fossils they collected when they were little. And now, our grandchildren are fascinated by their own collections of earthy finds. And it goes on....