Sunday, March 27, 2016

Bookmarks From the Heart

I am fascinated with bookmarks. I have collected some interesting ones over the years. But some of my favorite bookmarks come from the heart. Let me explain.

My mother's generation always sent cards in the mail - birthday cards, anniversary cards, get well cards. Of course, that was when the cards and the postage were inexpensive. It seems like my Mom was either sending cards or getting cards. Once the cards were opened, Mom would stand them up on the shelves in our kitchen - always a nice reminder of the kindness of family and friends. It saddens me that the tradition has gone by the wayside. Cards have become expensive as well as the postage. It is a tradition that is losing ground. 

However, my Mom found a way to re-purpose those cards. She would cut out the prettiest images from the cards into small bookmark shapes. She was a voracious reader and she would always have one of her bookmarks moving along the pages of the book as she read. There was a little basket on the kitchen counter that was always full of her bookmarks. She would be quick to offer a bookmark to those who came to her house with a book in their hand.

And so I continue the tradition.

While fewer cards come in the mail, I always fashion a new bookmark from each card before I recycle it. The joy is two-fold. I have a lovely new book mark and I remember the kindness of the person who sent the card. My bookmarks are in a little basket on my desk.

So if you stop by my house with a book in your hand, I will be sure to offer you one of my bookmarks from the heart. 

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Day 27 - Bookmarks From the Heart