Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The First Robin

It was February 20 and time for an early morning outing with our dog, Barney. He is having some troubles with herniated discs in his back, so for six weeks we have to carry him outside and place him gently down on the ground. He is getting plenty of cage-rest as he heals.

On this day, I was thankful for the warm weather we have been having since I am usually out there in the backyard very early or very late letting him do his thing. I often pray no one sees me because I am often in my jacket wrapped over a nightgown with a pair of leggings hastily pulled on and my snow boots that sit by the back door. Quite a sight! But both the early mornings and late nights are quiet and gentle and it's nice to breathe in the fresh air.

It was early in the morning on a day that promised warm weather and sunshine. I stepped outside with Barney in my arms. The sky was a beautiful blue and the first thing I noticed were the birds chirping. They flew from tree to tree and their beautiful bird songs filled the air. Cardinals, bluejays and ... yes... robins! Three of them! 

At first those lovely birds that promise of spring flew away but after a moment they came back and rested on the fence to watch Barney and me. I always look forward to my first robin sighting of the spring. It means that warm weather and a garden in bloom are not too far away. And so this day began with hope and promise.