Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sunday Drives

When I was little, all the stores were closed on Sundays. My mom was a stay-at-home mom and didn't have her driver's license. Life was simpler then in so many ways. On Sundays we would all go for a ride in the car. It didn't cost much - just a bit of gasoline. My Mom would say, "Just to get out of the house."

My Dad and Mom, my two sisters, my brother and I would pile in the car. I remember hearing the arguments about who would sit in the middle. The seats by the windows were the best, of course. But I struggled with motion sickness when I was little. I remember my mom saying that we couldn't ride around the block without me getting sick. My misfortune gave me the seat in the front of the car with my Mom and Dad. Yes, it was the middle seat, but it was in the front where I could easily see the horizon and avoid motion sickness. I secretly celebrated that special seat in front with my Mom and Dad.

The Sunday rides were pretty uneventful but we usually headed out for the country. I think my mom enjoyed the open skies and the winding roads as though they were taking her away from her day-to-day routine. Sometimes, we would stop at a roadside farmer's stand and buy some fresh vegetables. I recall once we drove by some people flying radio-controlled airplanes and we stayed awhile to watch with wonder in our eyes. We gazed into the sky, our hands above our eyes to block the sun, and we would marvel at the planes dipping an diving.

Those were simpler days. No shopping on Sunday. No regular routines. Just a quiet drive out in the country waiting to see what we might discover along the way. As we all grew older there were fewer Sunday drives. We all got busy with our lives. Sometimes Mom and Dad still went for rides. It might have been those quiet Sunday drives that kept them in love and ready for any wonders they would find.

What I would give for a Sunday drive with my family. Mom, Dad and me in the front seat. My two sisters and brother in the back. Spending precious time together and discovering the wonders of a Sunday drive.

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Day 16 - Sunday Drives