Tuesday, March 20, 2018

In Search of Small Treasures

Yesterday, I stopped at a thrift store on the way home from the gym. I wasn't really looking for anything in particular. Sometimes, I just like to stop by and look for second-hand treasures.

I was walking through the aisles and stopping occasionally to take a closer look at some items. I saw a flowered china dish - small and delicate, but I placed it back on the shelf (I didn't really need it). I stopped to look at a tote bag (teachers never have enough bags), but I put it back. I glanced at some books hoping to find a book to add to my next read stack, but lost the patience for standing there since nothing jumped out at me. 

I decided to head home and started walking toward the exit. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw someone familiar. I could see the top of her head moving down the aisle. She was short enough to only see the top of her head over the racks of clothing.

I moved toward her and peeked around the corner as if to make sure she was who I thought she was. As I turned the corner to see more of her, I caught my breath. There she was pushing a cart and checking out some clothing on hangers. She was a tiny, elderly woman with grey wavy hair cut short rounding the corner at the end of an aisle. I froze in my tracks. 

A quick moment later, I snapped back to reality. It was NOT my mom, but for one heart warming moment I was shopping with my mom again. She passed away several years ago. She loved to go to second-hand stores looking for treasures.

I moved toward the exit and walked to my car. It was a moment that warmed my heart but brought me sadness as well. I miss my mom. I miss our adventures in search of small treasures.


  1. Oh Karen, finding this slice was like searching for a treasure. For some reason, I chose to look for yesterday's slice rather than today's. Something drew me to this slice - I needed to read it. My mom also loved to search for treasures and I do miss these days with her. Tammy and I often do this together now. I want you to go back and get that china dish. I think you need it. It will bring you back to that moment - a treasure to remind you of looking for treasures with your mom. This filled my heart. The universe works in mysterious ways. Thank you.

  2. Clare, thanks for reading and responding to my post. It was a hard to write as I kept recalling that tiny flash of time when I was with her again. I think you're right. I do need to go back and by that little dish. Thanks so much for speaking from the heart.

  3. Caught my breath and froze in my tracks really tugged at my heart. I felt like I did that right there with you. I still find it weird what can tug at your heart out of the blue, even after so many years. I think these tugs are help us remember and not forget.