Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A Poem

The long blue piece of yarn
is the beginning.

Stitch after stitch
it will grow.

It represents the start
of a new life.

A tiny precious baby will be wrapped
in this woven bundle of yarn.

Wrapped in hopes and dreams
and love - so much love.


  1. Wonderful poem! Want to see the finished product:)

  2. Would love to see this poem, or series of poems, grow with the knitting of the blanket itself. Would love to feel that passing of time as it comes together. Nice slice.

  3. My mother knit baby blankets for both of children when they were born. Your lovely poem made think of her with appreciation.

  4. I think Benjamin has a great idea! Once the blanket is completed you can give the blanket to the family along with the poems. What a beautiful gift.

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  6. I love the photo of the beginning and how your words created a blanket in my mind. Now I'm wondering who's baby is so blessed.