Friday, March 16, 2018

A Poem in Progress (Draft Two) - Knitting

This is a second draft of a poem I couldn't quite finish. A new attempt. 


The rhythm of knitting
brings comfort 
in the repeated pattern
and the tug of the yarn.

I knit to find peace
a quietness, a steady routine,
busy but often mindless
busy and sometimes contemplative.

The two knitting needles
work their way through yarn
casting on, pulling loops through
stitch after stitch 
first stitch to the last.

I knit to give a gift filled with love
it's the making and the giving
a piece of me in every stitch
hopes and dreams between the rows.

A gift made and a gift given with love.


  1. For a draft, this really was beautiful! My favorite lines:
    "...the making and the giving
    a piece of me in every stitch
    hopes and dreams between the rows."
    So true! In the Hawaiian culture, it's the same: whatever you're doing, whether it's planting, harvesting, making something, you do it with only good thoughts and intentions because that gets passed on to whatever it is you're making/doing (the plants, food, etc.) or whoever it is you're making it for. Whoever receives your gift, receives a gift with much love! Thank you for sharing!

  2. DRAFT??! Don't overthink this one! Just go with the emotion and experience you are conveying and I think you'll appreciate this one so much more. Love it!

  3. I've really been contemplating learning to knit.

    "The rhythm of knitting."
    "I knit to find peace."
    "A quietness, a steady routine."

    I love the idea of learning something new. You make knitting sound like it might be just the right thing.

  4. I used to love knitting and you captured exactly why I loved it with this poem. My OLW is Create this year -- you may have inspired me to take knitting up again. I loved the poem. Thank you.

  5. I love the rhythm of this poem. It feels peaceful and calm and relaxing. There is a woman at my WW meetings that knits. I watch her every week and think that I would like to learn how. Maybe a project for this summer!

  6. I'm fairly new to knitting, but I think you captured it so well in this Slice! The repetition and the calm come through with your words. Well done!