Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Old Man Winter

Old Man Winter dropped by for a visit
during the dark hours of the night.

I was unaware he was stopping by and
surprised by the gift he left outside my door.

Snow had dusted heavily on the bushes and trees
and my car was wearing a deep cap of wet snow.

I glanced at the forsythia 
in all its yellow glory and was reminded

"Three snows after the forsythia blooms"

Throughout the day 
the temperatures warmed.

The sun swept high in the sky and 
melted the snowy blanket that had covered the land.

I could see the green blades of grass 
uncovered by the melting snow.

Old Man Winter may visit another day, but
the purple and yellow crocuses are still poking through the snow.

The daffodil buds are huddling tightly together 
until their day to open comes.

Soon, Old Man Winter will take his rest
and spring will bring us sunshine and flowers.

I wait patiently and hope for spring to visit with me soon. 
She's just around the corner.


  1. I see you are from "Sunbury," Ohio. Even though winter made a quick stop, the sun couldn't stay buried for long. Wahoo, April! Love, "and my car was wearing a deep cap of snow."

  2. Oh, I can relate. Winter has not yet released us from her grasp either! I connect to and find hope in your poem.

  3. I have never heard the 3 snows on the forsythia. In Iowa we always say 3 snows on the robin's tail. Today was the 3rd. Hopefully we are done! You are much more patient waiting for spring than I am.

  4. I am not being all that patient about it. I rally myself with the thought I can still wear tights and boots.