Thursday, March 1, 2018

What if...

What if the fear of writing and the crippling blank page 
cloud my thoughts and freeze my pen.

What if my writing time gets pulled away, 
stolen by the distractions of life.

What if my writing is choppy and messy and meaningless.
It will hurt to think I have done less than I could.

What if my own doubts strangle my thinking.
Words and thoughts jumbled and trapped in my head.

But still...

I am stepping forward on the SOL journey.
Small steps and big breaths.
I begin today.

Because maybe

... I will find my voice.
... my words will fall easily across the page.
... my message will mean truth to someone.
... it will get easier day by day.
... my confidence will grow.

Come along on this journey with me.
Splash your words onto the page.
Inspire each other.
Encourage the writing. 
Place those swirling letters and thoughtful words on the page.

Because, connected by the love of words, we will write, share and celebrate.


  1. I think that you captured the feelings of uncertainty that many of us feel on the first day of the challenge. However, I love how you took those feelings and turned them into positive thoughts about the month ahead. I particularly loved the line "connected by the love of words, we will write, share and celebrate."

  2. You captured the essence of my feelings toward this challenge and writing my first post. I loved the juxtaposition between your what ifs and your maybes. Don't let your hesitations hold you back and enjoy the experience of seeing where your writing will take you. Your words resonated with me! Happy writing!

  3. Karen - this is beautiful. The vulnerability is so real and so important for us to experience as humans and teachers. It is how our kids feel all the time. It speaks to the importance of community. So glad you are in - love connecting with you during this month.

  4. I always have a lot to write. I am crippled with the concern that it won't be "audience worthy". I am hoping this challenge helps me let that go.

    Good luck on your journey!

  5. So much of these lines tugged at me. Small steps and big breathes. Isn't that true. It's hard to go public with the right topic but maybe if it's something your heart needs support with small steps and big breathes can get you there.

  6. Your what if's totally articulate how I feel each march when we start slicing! Scary stuff putting writing out in front of the world! Can't wait to see what new worlds we discover!

  7. Your "what ifs" hit very close to home for me. "What if I can't find my voice?" - that has been a question I've had for quite awhile, and why I haven't blogged for that same amount of time. Here's wishing that we both embark on this challenge, and in the process, find our voices!