Monday, March 12, 2018


Barney stands patiently next to our bed waiting for us to  pick him up and place him on his sherpa blanket. There was a time when he could run into the bedroom and leap onto the bed in a flash. But years have gone by, and he is not the puppy he used to be.

When we met Barney at the dog shelter, we knew he was going home with us. It was something in his dark eyes and his eagerness to connect with us.

He has moments when he is back to his puppy life as he plays with his toys, tossing them in the air and running after them.
It hurts to think about him getting older. His fur is a little more grey. He's a little slower moving about and sleeps more during the day. He keeps us company and brightens our days.

He has stolen our heart.


  1. Pets are such wonderful additions to our families. They brighten our days and make us smile.

  2. Pets have a way of doing that. He is a happy old pup. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I can tell Barney is an important part of your life. He has certainly found his way into your heart. Our dog, Trudy, is also getting up there in years. It takes her forever to get up, she doesn't hear us when we call her, and she spends a good part of her day sleeping, but every once in awhile you see that puppy side of her. She'll come in and suddenly run around the rooms like she is young again or she'll start to jump up and down, up and down. It's fun to see those little glimpses of youthfulness in our pets.