Tuesday, April 5, 2016


I decided to try out some poetry today. Feeling sadness at the loss of someone in our family.
I have tried to express the emptiness I feel. It's so hard to craft the words. But the act of writing is consoling....

The emptiness whispers
Of your presence
And for a moment I wonder
Where have you gone?

The emptiness shouts
Your name.
And I expect to see you
Step softly around the corner.

The emptiness roars
Of sadness.
And I realize the emptiness
Will not bring you back to me.

The emptiness 
Isn't speaking to me.
It's the break in my heart
That cries for you.

1 comment:

  1. Karen, I am so sorry to hear of you loss. Your poem is beautiful - full of pain and connectedness. I found writing was the best way for me to process all my thoughts and feelings. Keep writing. Thank you for sharing.