Monday, March 28, 2016

Some Days Writing is Hard

I am finding it so hard to write today.
Emotions are heavy. So much on my mind.

I have started several posts. I get a few words down and realize I haven't really said anything and cannot concentrate enough to make sense of the words in my head.

I wonder now how often our students feel this way. They are not immune to the heaviest of emotions and the biggest worries. Our students carry them in much the same way we do. Emotions and worries cloud their mind and make it impossible to think clearly. They struggle to get words on the page.

I sit here today with a fresh perspective for writing workshop. Know students well enough to understand that there will be days when writing doesn't come easy. Days when only a few words stumble onto the page. Give them space. Give them time. Understand.

I am participating in the 
March Slice of Life Challenge.
Each day we post our thoughts.
Thank you, Two Writing Teachers!

Day 28 - Some Days Writing is Hard


  1. I know those days well too. You have to give down time and let them explore their emotions. I sometimes told my students to write anything that came to mind even if it looked like nonsense. They could go back later and circle the ideas that really sprung out and write from there. I also told them never to throw anything away. I have so many drafts on my computer of stuff started. I open up random writings and sometimes, something catches me and I write.

  2. This is so important Karen -- participating in this challenge has really taught me so much about process and response. Both things I want to think more about in the classroom. Thank you for sharing your reflection -- it was really helpful.

  3. Yes, I agree some days there just doesn't seem to be anything to say and other days I could write a book.

  4. Karen, your post reveals some essential truths about writing. some days it is hard work. I often tell kids that some days the words flow easily and seem to fall in all the right places and other days. I feel like I am pushing them out onto the page. what you have written about here is an experience worth sharing with student writers. They need to know their struggle is your struggle too at times. It is how we solve this problem that becomes the valuable insight about this writing life. It is also a story of persistence. Writers who persist and find ways to solve writing problems gain great joy from the experience. More power to you for writing about your writing experience in this honest and open way.

  5. Unless we are writers we don't understand.. My favorite lines are "Give them space. Give them time." We are often in a rush and this gentle reminder is so important. Thanks for sharing.