Sunday, March 20, 2016

It's Hard

This morning I was getting ready to go to the gym. I am on a quest to get healthy. I have changed my eating patterns and adopted an exercise schedule. I know those will get me where I want to be. It will just take time. 

My husband is my cheerleader. Countless of times over the last few months he has said, "I'm proud of you." My trainer, who is also my cheerleader,  pushes me hard but believes in me. He knows I will try hard and won't back down from a challenge.

But today was a hard. I wasn't excited about going to the gym and working out today. I made it there and got in a pretty good workout. I am glad I went.

But on the way home I was thinking about those kids for whom school is hard.
Maybe academics are hard. Maybe friendships are hard. Maybe just getting to school is hard.
Do they wake up in the morning and say to themselves, "I just can't do it today."
Do they go through the motions of getting ready for school but are so tempted to just go back to bed?
Do they hesitate as they head out the door, pausing to look for a way out of going to school?
What is the voice in their head saying? 
Are they coaching themselves with an uplifting message or falling for words of defeat?

Who are their cheerleaders? 
Hopefully, they have parents who encourage and support them - parents who celebrate what the child accomplishes. Parents who recognize and appreciate what their children can do.

And what about their teachers? 
I think back to my years of teaching and hope that I was the kind of teacher who encouraged those for whom school was hard. 

Did I recognize those children whose feet dragged as they entered the classroom?
Did I appreciate why some kids just couldn't stay on task when the work was hard?
Did I greet students with a positive attitude and kind words of encouragement?
Did I position myself near those children who felt alone when the work got hard?
Did I think about revising my instructional strategies for those students who needed to learn another way?
Did I support them with encouraging words?

I know I tried. Hopefully, I succeeded in being the cheerleader I needed to be.

I am participating in the 
March Slice of Life Challenge.
Each day we post our thoughts.
Thank you, Two Writing Teachers!

Day 20 - It's Hard 


  1. Well done, you, for keeping on the train! Thank you for being a cheerleader for the kids who walk through your classroom door!

  2. Teachers never stop connecting with their students, do they? How great that you wondered about their cheerleaders, and who was watching out for them. I suspect for many that school is a safe and solid place every day. Thanks for reminding all of us.

  3. Wow! I love the way you made this connection. It is hard to drag yourself to the gym some days. I hope that I am that cheerleader for the kiddos that I have in my class that find it hard to come to school. Thanks for the new perspective.

  4. I really liked the way you compared your own need for encouragement to the way our students need cheerleaders in their lives. I will remember this when I see a student who might need someone in his/her corner!

  5. I needed to read this! Thank you so much for your words and reminders to be a cheerleader! We all need a cheerleader!

  6. Lots of truth here.
    Some kids have to screw up their courage and face this incredible hard every single day!
    It's our job to make sure they experience success and joy and fun, just like everyone else!

  7. Great thoughts on the impact we can have as educators. I miss having that type of impact now that I am retired. :)