Saturday, March 12, 2016


Teaching is Courage

When I first became a principal, I received an inspiring gift from a teacher. It was a Cowardly Lion Doll. Yes, a doll of the famous lion in the Wizard of Oz. Along with it came a note that said, "So you have the courage to make all the right decisions."

And so I began my life as a principal with the hope that I would always have the courage to do what's right.

I am thinking that so many educators approach each day with courage.  

Courage to wake up in the early morning hours
     flooded with thoughts of the day 
     and struggling to figure out what they can do 
     for those students who need them the most.

Courage to learn more about their student's lives outside of school 
     even though what they find out often breaks their heart.

Courage to have the hardest conversations 
     with children, parents and our colleagues.

Courage to see the world 
     through the eyes of their students.

Courage to walk into school with a smile 
     even though they know their day will be difficult.

Courage to push their students 
     to new understandings.

Courage to know 
     when one of their students needs a hug 
     more than any instruction they could offer.

Teaching is Courage 

          I am participating in the  
          March Slice of Life Challenge
          Each day we post our thoughts. 
          Thank you, Two Writing Teachers

          Day 12 - Courage


  1. I love this! Printing out a copy for my bulletin board - thank you!

  2. Courage, from strength of heart. Mon coeur. When my heart is not afraid...the default is to love.

    I respect courageous educational leaders, who put their heart on the line and care.

    Thank you.

  3. This was so inspiring to read! I love that you were given the Cowardly Lion as a reminder to have courage!

  4. Being an educator definitely takes a lot of different kinds of courage, and I love how you captured them in this slice!

  5. I saw you from a far today, sorry I didn't say hi in person at Literacy Connection. My favorite line is your last -

  6. This is so true - courage is the word that came to mind when I listened to the words of my son's principal this week. It took courage to lead from what he knows is right. This is a post every leader should hang on the wall. Thank you.

  7. So very lovely and inspirational. I am so glad you do what you do.