Friday, June 28, 2013

A perennial writer.

It has been way too long since I have posted on my blog. Life (and work) just kind of got in the way. Today, these flowers from my garden reminded me that I can start again. Over the last couple of years, by husband and I have been working on the garden in front of our home. We were determined to build a garden of perennials so we could enjoy the flowers every year (without the work that annuals bring). Today I cut these beautiful flowers from our garden. I know these flowers will return next year in the same way that I am returning to writing. I have spent a winter of life doing so many other things that my brain could not slow down enough to think, reflect, imagine and write. I have recently retired from my career in education. I have been a principal for 13 years and the time has come to step back and let someone else take the leadership role in what is a fantastic school. As my days become less busy, I feel like I am beginning to come alive again, poking through the threshold that has held me so tightly for the last few year. I feel as though I am just beginning to poke my way toward the light, the sun, the refreshing rain. As the days pass, I hope to spend my time growing as a writer - to practice my craft, to share my thoughts with others. I feel alive!