Sunday, March 5, 2017

I Love Hockey - Day 5 #sol17

Each sport has a personality and an unmistakable sound. In high school, I used to help collect tickets at the door of the gym for basketball games. The sound of basketball shoes squeaking on a hardwood floor takes me right back to those days.

My favorite sport is hockey. My team is the Columbus Blue Jackets. I usually tune into the games when they are broadcast on TV. There is nothing better than being at the game but watching on TV is a close second. Throughout the course of the season, I rarely miss a game.


The clack of sticks on the ice.
The cold crisp air.
The bang of bodies against the boards.                              
The spray of ice as skates skid to a stop.
The band of a puck on the goal post.
The whistle from the linesman.
A hard-to-come-by hat trick.
The crowd chanting and cheering.
The cannon blasting in celebration.
Yes, I love hockey!


Teachers for Teachers said...

I played hockey on a co-ed team until a was 14 -- then NO GIRLS ALLOWED and there were not any girl teams. I became the team manager. I love hockey!!! Neither of my boys ever played -they became skier at an early age and you cannot do both. Thank you for bringing me back to that time in my life.


Julie Johnson said...

I remember when my dad took me to my first hockey game. I was so excited because I didn't often get to do things with my dad and the game was nothing I had ever experienced before. Your post brought me right back to that memory.

Michelle said...

We are big hockey fans in my house too. However, we have one differing opinion. We are CHICAGO BLACKHAWK fans. Next time we play Columbus, I'll be thinking of you!