Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Rain

This morning
I heard the pounding rain
Long before I opened my sleepy eyes.
A steady beat waking me from my rest.
I was unwilling to start the day
But it's tapping at my window
Brought me
From deep inside my dreams
To start the day.

The rain sings to me.
A rhythm of sadness.
That drops from the grey skies
and urges me to be brave
and push the sadness away.

A rhythm of promise
Especially in these early days of spring.
Dreams of buds shooting toward the sky
And the warm sun and blue skies
That come after the rain.

There were rainy days I loved
Early on when I first began to write.
Sitting in the chair by the window
My pencil poised to tap away gently at the page.
In time, the words would come faster
And pour themselves onto the page.
A rain of words telling their tale.

The rain and the rhythm and the words.

          I am participating in the  
          March Slice of Life Challenge
          Each day we post our thoughts. 
          Thank you, Two Writing Teachers

          Day 13 - Sunday Rain


  1. I love the spring rains. Nice poem to but the fall of rain the the falling of words together.

  2. Such fun to see you yesterday! Your poem fell down the page like the rain. I always have felt rain on a Sunday was time to slow down and relax. I've enjoyed commenting on Slices.

  3. Lovely, lovely poem Karen! So vivid it spoke to me!

  4. Rain really does beat its own rhythm, doesn't it? Love your poem that captures that rhythm.

  5. Such a lovely poem, Karen - this will be my tomorrow, rain, and I shall be thinking of your poem.

  6. Beautiful words and rhythm. I love your reflection on how rain can feel sad and yet calming and focusing. I hope you snuggle in for a few more minutes and then enjoyed the calm of a quiet, rainy Sunday.

  7. Nice line that pops out: "A rain of words telling their tale." When I invite all to my spring gallery you may want to offer part of this poem with a photo. Ex.