Friday, March 25, 2016

I Hear Their Voices....

I hear their voices...
As they walk into the room.
Stories of after-school adventures
From the day before.

I hear their voices...
As the day unfolds.

I hear their voices...
As we learn together.


I hear their voices...
As we end the day.
See you tomorrows.
Another symphony of voices.

I am participating in the 
March Slice of Life Challenge.
Each day we post our thoughts.
Thank you, Two Writing Teachers!

Day 25 - I Hear Their Voices


Jane Helms said...

Wonderful post! A poetic sharing of voices with action, rhythm, emotion, and style.

Nicely done!

litcoach64 said...

Your poem was touching! The rhythm and word choice were amazing and descriptive!

Rose Cappelli said...

Your repeated refrain is very effective. Thanks for sharing this poem.

Teachers for Teachers said...

Beautiful poem - I love the focus of listening to their voices. Sometimes I think we are all moving so quickly we don't listen. I felt like this poem slowed down time and all I could hear was their voices.

Anna Gratz Cockerille said...

Beautiful! This is a wonderful tribute to both their individual voices and the sound they make when they come together.

Unknown said...

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